Adventurers Summer Term Newsletter 2018 – good fun and useful information!

Adventurers class newsletter summer 1 2017

Camouflaged lizards – can you even see the ones we made and painted today?! – March 2017



Happy Lunchtime Award photos – March 2017

Weather Experts! January 2017

Adventurers start of 2017 and Spring term letter (and a happy new year!)

Adventurers class newsletter spring 1 2017

Adventurers end of Autumn term letter – Merry Christmas (and a happy new topic!)

Our end of term letter is here with a few thinking ideas, if you have time. Thank you for all of your support this term!

Adventurers end of term letter – Dec 2016

Amazing Brainbuilders work today – 12.12.16 – The Fire of London!

Look at the Adventurers’ amazing picture! They each drew a section and then put it all together… they’re so excited about the end result!