Children’s Statement about the School – December 2015

In December, some of our school councillors worked together to describe our school. They said:

Our school is a happy school where everybody has a smile on their face. It’s like a family where everyone looks after each other. We play with each other and we all follow the school rules. We all have friends and play good games together, we’re kind to each other and we think about other people. It’s all about caring for one another and not leaving people out.

We always have amazing lessons. The teachers are very kind and caring and give the children lots of things to play on. It’s nice and colourful in the classrooms and we really like the garden room.

The behaviour system is a fair one and it works well.  The school is very supportive of children that are struggling with learning or behaving and it makes a huge difference for them. We do things to keep people safe. We respect each other and treat each other how we want to be treated. If there’s a problem then we tell the teachers and they sort it out. It’s a very safe site.

The headteacher is nice and the people in the office do lots of good things for us. The children are very thankful for all of the work that the PTA and the governors do. This school makes you feel like you’re at home. Everything is amazing.


You can see the new statement about the school from the children HERE.