Children’s statement about the school – July 2017

The children’s School Statement in July 2017 – Heather Primary School

Our school is full of joy. It feels really safe and caring and we just find it really exciting. If you join our school, you’ll make lots of friends.

Everybody gets very well-educated and our teachers are the best teachers.  We really like the fact that everybody gets to learn new things and we all learn together. Our school is very safe and happy and we learn a lot. We do lots of things to help you to learn to be even safer.

This is the best school and we love working in different classes with everyone else and because the challenges are all different. It’s really nice here and we really like doing work. If you are struggling about what to write, the teachers will kindly give you ideas. If you find things tricky, there are people there to support you – if something is a big challenge, they’re always there to help you. If you get stuck, any teacher would help you and they’d help you to work the challenge out.

The displays around the school are really good and really neat and they look really nice. Everywhere is decorated with lots of different pictures. It’s really colourful and we love all the artwork that we do. With all the pictures and experiments that we’ve done, we’ve made a big display in the hall with boards for every class. The displays on the wall show what we’ve learned while we’ve been in school.

There are loads of different games to play on sunny days and on wet playtime days, so you’re always having fun. There are lots of different things to play on outside and if someone has a bump, we help them to get back on their feet and everyone is there to look after them.

Our school feels safe, exciting and caring. If you are only just starting here, you can make new friends on the very first day, learn new things and make new friends. When you join our school it is like one big happy family.

Put together by Alex, Caitlin, Alyssa, Tilly, James and Keaton – some of our AfA Young Achievers this year

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