Children’s statement about the school – September 2016

Our school is happy and friendly and lots of people are really kind here. It’s a VERY colourful place! We feel that we have the best headteacher in the world and that all of the teachers are the best teachers. The PTA and Governors are very kind and caring and the governors make good decisions.

We like the way we’re busy all the time. We learn a LOT – new facts and new ways to solve problems. There’s challenge for everyone and if you find it easy, there’ll be an even more challenging challenge for you! If any children find some of the work a bit tricky, there’s somebody to watch out for them and help. We do lots of fun things to help us to learn. If you’re in Year 6, they prepare you to go on to High School.

The school rules work well – we all know them and if anybody doesn’t follow them, people know what will happen next. Everybody plays a role in the School Parliament – people respect others and we listen to each other. Everybody gets a say and people listen to each other. There are lots of fun things to do on the playground and we have a big playground to play in. People get on perfectly (except sometimes with football!) and we try to make sure that everybody enjoys their day. We don’t have bullies here because the school makes sure that any problem stops, if they know about it.

We have a laugh together – in assembly we can have a joke. In Celebration Assembly, people share their good work and we all feel awestruck! If you’re the star of the week in your class, you feel shocked (in a good way). We have houses and house points and, when your house gets the crown, it makes us feel like we’ve worked together and achieved something as a team.

If we’ve got a problem, we know who to talk to, or we can use the Voice Box to let someone know. The members of the school staff are very good at talking with you if you need them to and they teach us how to stay safe. All of the school is safe – we feel really safe here!

This school makes you feel like…

  • You are looked after
  • You are safe
  • You are learning
  • If you’re feeling sad, they will look after you, find out what’s going on and help you to feel happy again.

Millie (Y6), Callum (Y6), Lily (Y5), Hayden (Y4), Dexter (Y2), Freya (Y3), Ellysia (Y1) and Freddie (Y1)