Pioneers and Discoverers Summer Term Newsletter 2018

Macbeth – Year 6 Leavers’ Production


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June 2017

Cricket – Jack and …

On the 23rd June most of year 5 and 6 had a fantastic afternoon playing cricket.  We had two teams, there were 10 schools there altogether, and we had to play in a mini league.  Unfortunately, we didn’t win any of our games but lots of people scored runs and there were quite a few sixes too.  This has put us all in a cricketing mood for when we go and watch a Women’s World Cup match on the 11th July.

The Loose Parts unpacking!

Thank you, Pioneers, for unpacking this exciting collection of very interesting things!

May 2017 

Dissecting a heart – Bridie and Evan

For our human body topic, we had the opportunity to have a good look at a sheep or a pig’s heart.  These are good ones to look at as they are similar size to a human’s heart.  We found out the heart has some values which are a bit like gates and they let blood travel either into or away from the heart.  We also cut the heart into sections so we could see the chambers inside.  In places, the heart was tough to cut, showing us what a strong muscle it is.  Most of us were fascinated, some people didn’t like the feel of the heart and they just watched.

Tesco by Ava and Callum

On Wednesday 24th May, Pioneers went on a trip to Tesco.  When we arrived, we were welcomed by our Tesco tour guide Nicola.  First she took us to the staff only area (exciting!), and we were given clipboards, pencils and sheets to fill in whilst we were walking around.  We went to the fish counter, where the lady talked to us about different fish and how they make sure Tesco fish is from a sustainable source.  Then we went to the bakery and we saw how a lump of dough is turned into a French stick – it was cool.  When we went back to the room, we tried different types of cheese and then made fruit cones with fruit, yogurt and a marshmallow!  Nicola then gave us goody bags before we came back to school.  Millie said that the bread making was fascinating and Chloe said that it was a great afternoon.

Swimming Gala – Emily and Owen

Eight of us went to the Unity swimming Gala at Whitwick on the 20th May.  We all had to swim in our heat try and get into the final.  Max, swimming back stroke, won his heat so we knew he would be in the final!  Seven of us managed to get into our finals, with Ava and Max both managing to get a bronze medal.  We also managed to get into the final for both the relays.  The boys came 6th in their final and the girls came third.  Well done to Emily, Ava, Chloe, Lilly-Anne, Owen, Max, Ayrton and Ethan for swimming brilliantly and representing Heather School. – good fun and useful information!

March 2017

Pioneering Orienteers (or Orienteering Pioneers?)

Happy Lunchtime Award photos

January 2017


“Recently, we have made some sandals for a Pharaoh or slave or a priest. It has taken us 5 afternoons to complete our sandals. We had to learn backstitch and overstitch so we knew how to do it. We are very pleased of the final result .To achieve this, our parents and carers came to help us along the way. There was some nice and colourful shoes and some looked very expensive. Some of our paper prototypes didn’t look like the finishing result. Also, some of our shoes really shown our personalities.” (Evan)

Shoe Evaluation

At the start of this project we designed an Egyptian sandal. The design of my sandal was for a servant so it is not designed for comfort it is designed to be long lasting. The bright colours are not essential it only needs to be dull and long lasting. Something that is essential is the size fitting: if it doesn’t fit how is the servant supposed to do its job!

First we made a paper model of what our shoe will look like.  It was important to make the paper model because you need a little idea of what it will look like (If you don’t have no idea of what it will look like) and what materials you will use. We left a seam allowance so you have space to get your foot in and out of the sandal without any hard tugging.

I am not happy with my design: the sowing looks bad, there isn’t any detail and there are threads hanging everywhere. So if it is rated out of 10 it would be a 4. Next time I could make the sowing neater, more detailed and no hanging threads. Yes the project was enjoyable the DT project because it was really fun. We have never done anything like this.   By Owen


I hope you like my Egyptian shoe. It is for an important noble. The flowers and floral pattern made it very suitable. The noble needs a high quality shoe seen as they are the gods best friend/. The strong body makes it suitable to travel long distances and hunt beasts and meadow animals.

I decided to make the sandal bright and pretty so that the Pharaoh can be lit up inside at the sight. I added flowers so that it can the Noble how important they really are. The buttons fasten the toe-bar. You can undo the slip knot and it can be an amazing slip-on  shoe. With the plaited rope going down from the band, it provides luxury comfort for your busy day at work.

It was essential to measure your shoe to the right size of your foot so that we know what size to make them. My shoe fitted me perfectly and I hope it will fit a Noble. I was quite happy with my design but I could have added a pom-pom if it fit with the design. I made a mock paper sandal as my prototype, it was quite difficult to make but once I had finished, it didn’t look too bad. I followed the design of my prototype but I added buttons instead of a pom-pom. We left a seam allowance to make sure it could fold.

I’m quite happy with my design, I would rate it  4/5! (Millie)


“Recently, in Pioneers, we have been focusing on our dance work in PE. We paired up with one of our classmates & danced like a warrior. The song was called ‘Dance of The Knights’. Our dance had to include strong & powerful movements. To make it interesting, we added a roll. Facial expressions were crucial since warriors always show emotion! We really enjoyed this lesson & hope to do lessons like this again!

Love the Pioneers!” (Bridie)

Open Afternoon

We had an open afternoon for the parents to come in. We showed them our Scratch projects, Wolves in the Wall PowerPoint and our work books. For our Scratch projects we use command blocks like, say…, repeat…repeat… and ask we could also make our own blocks. We showed our parents our Wolves in the Walls book that we made on the laptops. To make these, we had to write a chapter, put on transitions and change the font and colour.

By Ethan and Callum    

New Walk Museum Visit

Some of our Pioneers went to a meeting on 11.1.17 as Bronze Ambassadors for sport. Read about it HERE.

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Brilliant artwork from our Year 6 Pioneers today! (Monday 21st November ’16).